Denny Johnson

Janet and I met online through E-Harmony, and were married on October 10th 2009.  We both had lost our long-term previous spouse. Since that time we often speak our thanksgiving to our “mutual friend,” (God,) for allowing us to find each other after a time of loss & loneliness.

Much like the changing of the seasons, it was so exciting for me to find another new beginning with Janet–someone who mutually enjoys business management, travel, and family. We share mostly conservative values and interests–but more than anything, we both love God, His Word, and want to reach anyone who has a searching heart. Primarily, I believe God has called me to be a “builder.” I love seeing things take shape that will stand the test of time–whether it is restoring an old building or watching God work restoring a wounded soul. I hope to serve my time at Gateway in that discovery.

My growing up years was on a farm. We lived in a rural community where faithful church attendance was a given. Later, I spent about 25 years working at B.F. Goodrich–a tire building plant in Miami Oklahoma.  I have also had the opportunity (at about 35 years of age,) to grow and work in “pastoral ministry” through God providing me three specific “equipping mentors” from 1968 to 2004. In 1980 the Lord called us, (with others,) to begin a church near Miami called Agape Fellowship, later changed to Fellowship of Christians. It was an exciting experience with many “learning” forks in the road. As a church plant, our primary desire and building structure then was–building the Kingdom of God through “plurality of elders,” relationship through small groups, discipleship, and, moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Personally, that vision hasn’t changed much.

As believers, I believe each of us are on a spiritual journey building the Kingdom “of and for” Jesus.  Each moment of our lives is an opportunity to worship and serve God. I have a growing desire to distinguish the voice of the Holy Spirit better. I simply want to “enjoy the journey,” and invite others to join with us.