The philosophy of Gateway Kid’s is to teach our children a high view of God by presenting them God’s Word on a weekly basis. We believe that a child’s greatest need is for the Savior. That is why the gospel, the full story of Jesus, will be presented to our children every opportunity we get. We strive to choose teachers for our children that love their Lord and Savior with all their heart, mind, soul and strength, and that dedicate themselves to preparing and praying for our children.

Our desire in children’s ministry at Gateway Church is to create a place where children and adults can participate in ministry by providing a safe and secure learning environment to teach them about the greatness of their God.

— Kari Beesley, Children’s Director

Newborn through 2 Year Olds

Children will be given a safe and nurturing environment that introduces them to to key principles like: who God is, God created us, God is with us, and God loves us.

Our nursery is fully staffed, every week!

  • A key milestone for this stage will be presenting each family with their child’s First Bible during our Parent Dedication Ceremony.

3 Year Olds through Kindergarten

Children will engage in creative presentation of Bible stories and Biblical truth, that focus on establishing Kingdom values and principles, such as sharing, forgiving others, and more.


Elementary aged children will participate in times of worship, prayer, and engage in interactive lessons with the purpose of connecting them with Jesus Christ and growing the virtues of faith, hope, love, and serving others.

  • A key milestone for this stage will be presenting children with a new Bible as they enter First Grade.
  • Upper Elementary aged children, with direction of parents and guardians, and affirmed by Pastoral staff and/or Elders, will have the opportunity to be Baptized. It is encouraged that parents participate in the baptism process as they are the initial source of discipleship within the home.

Parent Connection

Parents are the primary source of a child’s spiritual maturation. Due to the unfortunate reality that we only get a significant amount of time with your children each week, we believe in equipping the parent to do greater ministry at home.

We encourage and invite parents to join a Gateway Church Life Group and to begin the Membership process with their families.