Covenant Membership

Why join a Church?


  • is a person’s public commitment to a particular group of believers.
  • defines and builds the team that is ready to do the work of the church.
  • offers a support system when people are going through difficult times.
  • provides opportunities for spiritual growth under the guidance and accountability of other church members.
  • challenges believers to use their God-given spiritual gifts alongside others God has placed in the church.
  • grants permission to believers to offer input and direction for a local church body.
  • provides a family in a rapidly changing society.*

How does Gateway do membership?

Gateway offers their membership class in a three (3) consecutive week format:

  • Community — This portion of the class consists of the following: Beliefs, Mission, Vision, Values, Ordinances, and Life Groups. The previously mentioned help formulate our expression of the local church.
  • Lifestyle — This portion of the class consists of the following: Church governance, Ministries of the church, and covenant responsibilities. The previously mentioned help articulate how our body functions, its’ ethos, what we engage in, and what we’re asking you to commit to as covenant members.
  • What’s Next? — This portion of the class consists of the following: Signing our Membership Covenant, Life Group Recruitment, and participating in our Spiritual Gifts Assessment.


Covenant Membership Courses are offered quarterly.

January 14th, following service — Lunch provided

January 21st, following service — Lunch provided

January 28th, following service — Lunch provided

Please RSVP to the Class on Sunday morning!


*Lawless, Chuck, Membership Matters, Michigan: Zondervan, 2005, print.