We believe that a mission, vision, value system, and our strategy is a planned move for us towards the future. The Mission defines our purpose, the Vision defines what we need God to do, the Value structure indicates why we do what we do, and the Strategy outlines how we do those things.


Our Mission

Meet. Move. Multiply.

What’s the reasoning behind this? We think it is fairly simple, believers meet to exalt the name of Jesus, move by serving others and spreading the cause of Christ, and multiply by raising up other disciples who make disciples.

Our Vision

A Church for everybody.

What’s the story behind this? Gateway, by the goodness of God, has been an incredible conglomeration of the most unlikely people. Will it be a church for everybody? That’s what we’re praying for. We’re praying that God would jump in and help us be the place for anyone who walks through our doors.

Our Values

Christ-Centered // Jesus is the center of everything we do.

Transformative // Jesus wants to transform our neighbors.

Collaborative // Jesus brings us all together.

Pursuit // Jesus looks for the disenfranchised and disconnected.

Unity // Jesus invites everyone to join Him.

Why these values? Values are the things that dictate why a church does what they do. This value system will help us make daily decisions, yearly decisions, and future Christ-centered goals.

Our Strategy

We Meet and Multiply through our Sunday Gatherings and Life Groups.

We Multiply by equipping saints to do ministry.

We Move through our engagement in Neighborhood and City-Wide Service.

We Meet and Move through our partnerships with mission-minded organizations.

Why this strategy? This strategy helps us accomplish our mission and vision.

Watch the messages for Our History, Our Mission, Our Vision, and Our Values:

Our History

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values