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Let My People Go

 Elder, David Kenser, shares a daily reflection and devotion.

Moses carried the message of Almighty God to Pharaoh, “Let my people go” (Ex 5:1).  While it took the hand of God, rocking the very core of Egyptian existence to convince Pharaoh to actually let them go, but Israel was set free by the power of God so that they might freely worship him.

This country’s beginnings includes a similar setting free as people leave the religious oppression of Roman Catholic Church on the European continent to come to a new land where they could worship God without fear of prosecution.  As you read the accounts of their escape, you can see the hand of God working to let His people go.

Unfortunately, we also see a similar turning away from God that occurred again and again in the Children of Israel in freedom lovers of this country.  The Puritans, once enjoying the freedom of religious expression, began to enforce their own religious views, which, in itself is a rebuff of God’s offer of grace and freedom.

And while great moments of freedom and grace have been seen in the history of our nation, over all we have been turning away from God to a false religion of freedom to do anything under the banner of political correctness, which seeks to disallow any debate.  Our Post-Christian Era is one of the entrapment of self-fulfillment and personal desires.

It is not what God wants, what’s good for my country or what my family needs that is important, it is what I personally want that sets the standard.  Men are fathering children and leaving them to be cared for by single mothers, mothers are leaving families behind to chase personal dreams and our leaders are no longer servants but are power brokers working only to serve themselves.

As we travel down this path of political correctness and desire to be free of any personal restraint, our freedom to worship God freely is being infringed upon as we are being forced to accept things such as the wholesale slaughter of babies in the womb, a redefinition of marriage, a breakdown of the sanctity of the family unit and much more.

The freedom we need is not personal freedom from the design and desire of God but a freedom to worship him according to His Word not man’s political correctness.  We are being enslaved by a pseudo freedom, which actually keeps us from being free from Satan’s snares that are meant to keep us from true freedom and life everlasting in the kingdom of God as we are “deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures” (Titus 3:3).  Jus’ Say’n.

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