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Time to Shine

Elder, David Kenser, shares a daily reflection and devotion.


I’ve read that “He who burns the candle at both ends is not as bright as he thinks he is.”  Ouch!  I resemble that statement as an elder with a full-time plus job of hospice chaplain/veteran service coordinator.  My time on the road, in the office and shepherding after work and on weekends takes a tremendous amount of time.

When do I have time to be quiet enough to listen to the Lord, to come before Him without the clutter of the daily activities of life?  When do I have the time to hear His voice?  When do I have time to be enlightened enough to let my “light shine before others, that they may…glorify [my] Father in heaven” (Matt 5:16-17)?  When?  4:00am!

That’s right, I’m certifiable.  Who on earth gets up at 4:00am but farmers or crazy people?  And, how is one supposed to get up before the chickens and not be in a “foul” mood (that is what 4:00am humor sounds like).  The “how” is by passing on Jimmy Fallow, Conan O’Brien or whomever or whatever might be on late night TV.

As my evenings tend to be filled with activity and I find it more difficult to read, pray and/or be quiet without falling asleep in the night – early mornings is the best if not the only time for me to be quiet enough before the Lord to truly listen.

I need to take time in the morning in order to be able to shine in the way Jesus calls me to the rest of the day.  My time to shine begins with redeeming the time I would be wasting watching late night TV and redistributing my awake time to early morning devotion.

Is that what everyone should do?  No, not particularly.  Early morning may not work for you at all.  Maybe, you could just turn off the TV before the late night dribble comes on and have late night devotion instead.  I’m not sure how you should go about it.  But, I can tell you that late night TV will not enrich you or add one watt to your light.  You could miss every late night TV program from now until Christ comes again without missing anything of true value.

On the other hand, if you miss out on devotional time with the Lord, you will be missing out on opportunities to be spiritually enriched and adding wattage to your light from God before others.  We all need to take time shine.  Just exactly how and when, is a personal decision.  However, I would hazard to say that any way you choose, it will likely not include late night television programming.

You may prove me wrong personally.  You may be the exception that can stay up late and get up early.  Or, maybe as a retired person, you can schedule quiet time for devotion in the middle of the day.  Great!  I would loved to be proved wrong, just as long as you find time to shine.  Jus’ Say’n.

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